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What You Are Doing Wrong With Your Ponytail Bump

As free as it can be, many ways for styling it for different occasions has been created. Your hair can make you look elegant and beautiful. Along with the famous laid down hair, braids, and messy buns comes the ponytail. The ponytail is one of the easiest and common hairstyle there is.

However, ponytails are not simply for ordinary days. They are also used for formal events. There are common ways on how to do a ponytail. But in order to make it more stylish and more elegant, here is how to make a ponytail with a bump.

Doing the Ponytail

The making of a simple ponytail is as simple as how it looks like. All you need is just a comb and a hair tie of your choice. You can start by gathering your hair in one hand while the other combs through each section of your head to smoothen stray hairs. After holding all of the hair, you can tie it loosely or tightly, whichever you prefer.

Doing the Bump

To add more sophistication to your ponytail, you can add the bump. The bump is a bulging part on top of your head created by your hair. To perfect this, you will need a comb, hair tie, bobby pins, and a hair spray. Find more interesting information about best hair dryer to prevent damage.

Step 1:  Gather your hair and divide it by a smaller section. You can start in your crown area.

Step 2: To create the bump, tease the underneath part of the small section by brushing backward towards your crown. This will create a volume that looks like a bump.

Step 3: Tie your hair into a loose ponytail carefully not flattening the bump you created.

Step 4: Place a bobby pin underneath the tie to give it a little push. Then add some hairspray to let it remain in place.