What first struck me about this story is that the BBC seem to be filming a tablet which is showing the footage, with no explanation why.

If there is a beer out there with an Alligator logo, this is the time to newsjack this.

Other than that.

10 Weird things people trade for beer

Brand Borg: Brief encounter revives Bjorn’s fortunes

Borg Bankruptcy story

You may not know this, but the tennis legend that is Bjorn Borg went bankrupt a while back.

Everyone loves a comeback story and this one is pants.

Did you see what I did there?

And as Wimbledon is on, time to roll out some Tennis linkbait

Why Borg no longer needs a payday loan
Would Bjorn please pull his undies up
10 Sporting bankruptcies

I find I do my best editing whilst on the sofa, it’s a great place for detailed, focused work to happen.

Probably something to do with the relaxing mode the brain gets into, not being a neuro scientist I can only hazard a guess.

After a brutal work day there is nothing like relaxing on a sofa. The body may be resting, but the mind is still working.

The sofa is an essential part of my writing process.

I write a lot, most of it never gets seen because it’s simply not ready or good enough to be shown. If you find that you don’t have a growing file of articles that have not seen the light of day it may be because your quality control needs adjusting and beefing up. You may be letting too much of your “less worthy” to be unleashed on the World and if you continuously do this you will diminish as a writer over time.

It’s impossible for everything you write to be good enough for the publication launch pad and so writing is as much about editing than it is about writing. Indeed it may be that editing is an inherent part of the writing process.

Hemingway, said you must be prepared to throw away your babies. This means that even the stuff you love should not see the light of day.

Writing well becomes about how well you develop your own critical faculties in regards to your own work. You may find it very easy to critique the work of others, but do you have the necessary mind set to accurately gauge the quality of your own writing.

This is where the sofa comes in. It works very well for me in getting me in the right mindset and catching the stuff which may otherwise pass me by.

It can’t be any old sofa though, it has to be a sofa in which you can cocoon yourself against distraction. A sofa that protects and hugs your sense of self. It’s all personal of course, my favourite sofa is a large leather affair, big enough to stretch out on and relax. It emits that same odour which old leather sofas tend to do. The smell signals to my brain that it’s time to edit.

Allowing you time and space to get tough with the copy.

The sofa simply develops a space where I will not get disturbed and where I can tell my mind I don’t need to write, I simply need to edit.

Most writers need a special space to allow the mind to do its work. I am writing this in Starbucks because it supplies the correct environment for the juices to flow and ideas to be written down. But, I will edit on the sofa, editing requires a different mindset, I must be prepared to throw away the good stuff. I find that difficult to do in Starbucks -there is probably some deep psychological reason for this – but on my ancient leather sofa I find it easy to wield the sword and to hack away.

Possibly my brain approaches it by creating two personas, Starbucks Guy and Sofa Guy. As it’s easier for me to edit other peoples than my own maybe Sofa guy sees Starbucks guy as a different person and can edit in a way that works.

The idea that I would edit whilst tapping this out on my iPad in Starbucks seems as impossible as swallowing whole plums wrapped in coarse sandpaper.

Do you have a space where you can put your mind into self editing mode?

This was a guest post from David McNab who creates articles and words for

Civilization City Sprawl

A man has been playing the computer game Civ II for 10 years and has made it to the year 3991 and has come to some disturbing conclusions. We can only hope real life is not like this.

Fans of this know that it is more addictive than crack, and a lot cheaper. Although marriages and jobs have been lost because of addiction

Headline ideas

  • Why all politicians should play civilisation
  • Why Civilisation is more addictive than crack
  • Why is there no Xfactor for Civ 2
  • 10 things Civilisation can teach you about real life.
  • How computer games teach
  • How computer games teach us about life

There are probably studies out there and many graduate thesis covering the effects of computer games and the way they echo real life.

Also what was brought up in the audio was how 90% of the interviewees for the job of a policy person for the Govt or political party named Civilisation as their favourite game.

Will the next world dictator cut his teeth on an empire building computer game?

This is an excerpt from the Web Content News Feed aka News Feed on Crack that I am beta testing right now in Linkbait Coaching. I will be
launching soon as a stand alone product to help agencies and bloggers create content to take advantage of the news hook. I will be fleshing out the details this week.

This is an excerpt from the Web Content News Feed aka News Feed on Crack that I am beta testing right now in Linkbait Coaching. I will be
launching soon as a stand alone product to help agencies and bloggers create content to take advantage of the news hook. I will be fleshing out the details this week.

Google gets Nevada driving licence for self-drive car

Driverless cars will soon be a reality on the roads of Nevada after the state approved America’s first self-driven vehicle licence

Headline Ideas
Why you should still be arrested for drink driving whilst in a driverless car
Will a bald man be more or less sexy as a passenger in a driverless car
Is it illegal to fall asleep in a driverless car
Driverless car allows you to blog and tweet whilst travelling.
Ten people you wouldn’t want in a driverless car with you
Drive a car from your iPad
Drive a car from home
Can a driverless car park in the disabled zone?
Top ten driverless cars in Sci Fi

This is a very techy story and so the more data and futurism you can stick in the the better.
Pulling in other driver and car stories will work, for example how long before the driverless Taxi or truck or even bus.
This story will run and run and so we can add to this and see where it develops.

It leads to certain social issues about in car behavior which can be explored

This is an excerpt from the Web Content News Feed aka News Feed on Crack that I am beta testing right now in Linkbait Coaching. I will be
launching soon as a stand alone product to help agencies and bloggers create content to take advantage of the news hook. I will be fleshing out the details this week.
An American expert in violent self defense has not been granted entry to the UK. He is an ex Navy Seal who teaches how to inflict crippling pain on attackers and was to speak at a martial arts conference

Headline ideas
Top ten Americans banned from the UK
Americans that should be banned from the UK
Brits banned from the USA
Brits that should be banned from the USA
Brits that shld be sent to the USA (Piers Morgan Simon Cowel)
How violent should self defense be?
Top ten nerve points to attack
Ten reasons martial arts people are nutters
Why your Mum should start cage fighting

Every once in a while an American is banned from entering the UK and it becomes news, I think the last one was the nutty Christian preacher who torched the Quran.
It probably happens with most Western countries, but as I am mostly plugged into the UK news its what I notice the most.

So there is the foreigner banned from a country story, but then there is the other story of teaching a specific form of violent self defense, which raises a lot of story possibilities.

I am sure the fighting forums are buzzing from this news, this is where you could get a lot more nuanced story ideas from and also help with promoting your story.

Identify those in forums that are leaders and appeal To their ego to get a quote from them, when you publish the story with them in they will mention it to others on the forum.

There is going to be a view for and against the ban.
Also a view that promotes this form of fighting and one that is against.

News Feed on Crack

In: Linkbait

8 May 2012

It’s not really a very business like name is it, but News Feed on Crack was the codename for the project and it’s stuck.

But what may be a better is Web Content News Feed.

So what’s it about?

It’s a service I am launching in the near future that will provide you with ideas for web content that attracts based on the News Hook. You can very quickly and easily create links and get attention by posting stories that are based on the news.

But who has time to suck in all the news output, let alone spend the time to sift, curate, edit, develop different news content ideas.

For example, if you had a hair loss site, you could have done something around the fact that Rupert Murdoch had recently given evidence before the Leveson committee on Media ethics and practices. If it came out on the day it may have gotten a little heat.

If people are tweeting and blogging about stuff it makes sense to create content that reflects the conversation and news is generally what people like to talk about.

News comes in all shapes and sizes and obviously there are some news subjects you would not use to help with your online marketing such as natural disasters, death and destruction ets. It’s basic common decency and common sense.

It can solve the problem of constantly coming up with ideas for content creation by providing you with a list of hot stories that are worth shaping into content, with some ideas of what niches could use them and a bunch of headline ideas.

I will give you more information as we get going with examples and pricing. In the meantime, follow the twitter account and head over to Linkbait Coaching to sign up for the email newsletter.


Becoming an article writer can be both creative and rewarding, for some people it’s the perfect job. But the fact of the matter is, the more you write the more you will earn. For an article writer, being able to squeeze every last drop of writerly juice out of yourself is the route to financial success.

Being a writing machine does not mean you write without emotion or creativity, it simply means you focus on speed, accuracy, and quality. It means not having writers block, not having a problem getting started and being able to keep to deadlines. Read the rest of this entry »

Note: This offer is no longer available

Below is an updated list of example headlines which you can use for blog posts, linkbait, articles etc.

I haven’t updated the list on the blog so it is quite chunky. The newsletter goes out about twice a month with new and fresh headlines. If you wish to request headlines and receive the newsletter you need to be a member.

Members also get access to an exclusive list of writers who can turn words into online magic, sprinkling fairy dust all over your website.

Headline examples available to members

Cosmetic surgery
Australian travel
Luxury travel
Information technology security
Stag night
Positive Thinking
Swine Flu
Food and Beer
Hot Tub
Adventure travel
Office plants
Mobile phones
Credit Cards
Salesmen and training
IT Hardware

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