How to Write Magnetic Headlines

How to write magnetic headlines

This is an excerpt from my book, Create Magnetic Headlines, available to buy on and How do you exercise that headline writing muscle? Stretching and exercising the headline writing muscle is the most effective way to make it stronger. One way to do this, which has usable results, is to take the topic of […]

Bitsize Magnetic Web Content Podcast Episode 1


Bitesize Magnetic Web Content Episode 1 Duration 6 mins Podcast Subscribe at iTunes A Podcast which looks at the strategic and technical aspects of online publishing, communication and content marketing. This weeks episode: Why you are responsible for making sure your message gets through Inspired by a recent blog post

It’s your fault if your content fails to communicate


Recently someone apologised for not understanding part of the content I created. I was horrified, not because I thought the person viewing the content was stupid, but by my error in communication. If the viewer does not understand what you are trying to communicate it is always the fault of the communicator. In other words […]

Man tries to trade an Alligator for Beer

catmash-fromyoutube What first struck me about this story is that the BBC seem to be filming a tablet which is showing the footage, with no explanation why. If there is a beer out there with an Alligator logo, this is the time to newsjack this. Other than that. 10 Weird things people trade for beer

Bankrupt Borg Back in Briefs

Brand Borg: Brief encounter revives Bjorn’s fortunes Borg Bankruptcy story You may not know this, but the tennis legend that is Bjorn Borg went bankrupt a while back. Everyone loves a comeback story and this one is pants. Did you see what I did there? And as Wimbledon is on, time to roll out some […]

Using the Sofa as a Tool for Writing

I find I do my best editing whilst on the sofa, it’s a great place for detailed, focused work to happen. Probably something to do with the relaxing mode the brain gets into, not being a neuro scientist I can only hazard a guess. After a brutal work day there is nothing like relaxing on […]