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Note: Magnetic Web Content is not taking on new members at the moment. At the time of writing 7 newsletters have gone out jam packed with headline and content ideas. Here is an example of what you get for your $50 a month. This was the first newsletter to go out and since then we […]

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8 Jul 2009

Join the Writers Directory for FREE Join here. Advertise your writing service for free to publishers who are members of Magnetic Web Content. My members are desperate for writers. They are constantly asking me to introduce them to great writers. So I thought, why not put the two groups together at no extra cost to […]

Note: Magnetic Web Content is not taking on new members at the moment. Telemarketing Eco friendly products Eco friendly products (specifically children – clothing and toys) Non invasive cosmetic surgery (vaser lipo, laser, botox, macrolane boob jobs, manboobs, acne scars, etc) Penetration testing (IT security) Hot Tubs Adventure travel Safari Photoshop Physiotherapy Office plants Woodworm […]

  • Lyndon: @Alok, the easiest way to solve a writers boredom is pay them lots of money, it always works with me [...]
  • Alok: I struggle a lot to find good enough writer who can stick for some time around. I do let them write [...]
  • A week's worth of SEO geek goodiness! | Search Engine Journal: [...] 3 Steps to Becoming a Writing Machine – is some handy go-to advice from Lyndon over on Magne [...]
  • Laura Clarke: Great advice - looks like discipline is a good watch word to getting into the flow and habit of writ [...]
  • Lucy: Cool tips and nicely written :) I really like the idea of 'limbering up' to write. I often start [...]