September 2, 2014

Get linkalicious content ideas for your Forex website

If you have a Forex website or are a Forex affiliate, you may be interested to know that I will be publishing a newsletter dedicated to developing content which will get links and visits to a Forex website.

Drop your name and email and I will get back to you when the newsletter launches.

See Before you Buy Linkbait

This week I tried something new. Instead of someone paying me to create linkbait for them for up to £2,000 I created a piece of linkbait on spec and marketed it to the members of my “Headline and Content Ideas”, newsletter.

Membership comprises mostly of publishers who are hungry for linkalicious content. I priced the content at the low price of £500 and crafted it to appeal to both those on social tagging sites and those who link.

After a few days the content sold, proving that such a market exists and establishing a price point. [Read more...]

“How Dare you Call me and Ask me to Work for Nothing”

Writers of the world, stop twittering for 30 secs and listen.

Don’t be an asshole and give everything away for free.

Found by @skinner

Buy Linkbait off the Shelf to Shock your Granny

You can now buy a piece of linbkait off the shelf, if you are a member of Magnetic Web Content. As an experiment I have put together a piece of content which I think will do well on social tagging sites like digg, reddit and stumbleupon and also get a lot of links.
[Read more...]