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If you have a Forex website or are a Forex affiliate, you may be interested to know that I will be publishing a newsletter dedicated to developing content which will get links and visits to a Forex website. Drop your name and email and I will get back to you when the newsletter launches.

This week I tried something new. Instead of someone paying me to create linkbait for them for up to £2,000 I created a piece of linkbait on spec and marketed it to the members of my “Headline and Content Ideas”, newsletter. Membership comprises mostly of publishers who are hungry for linkalicious content. I priced the […]

Writers of the world, stop twittering for 30 secs and listen. Don’t be an asshole and give everything away for free. Found by @skinner at

You can now buy a piece of linbkait off the shelf, if you are a member of Magnetic Web Content. As an experiment I have put together a piece of content which I think will do well on social tagging sites like digg, reddit and stumbleupon and also get a lot of links.

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