August 28, 2014

New Headline Examples

Note: This offer is no longer available

Below is an updated list of example headlines which you can use for blog posts, linkbait, articles etc.

I haven’t updated the list on the blog so it is quite chunky. The newsletter goes out about twice a month with new and fresh headlines. If you wish to request headlines and receive the newsletter you need to be a member.

Members also get access to an exclusive list of writers who can turn words into online magic, sprinkling fairy dust all over your website.

Headline examples available to members

Cosmetic surgery
Australian travel
Luxury travel
Information technology security
Stag night
Positive Thinking
Swine Flu
Food and Beer
Hot Tub
Adventure travel
Office plants
Mobile phones
Credit Cards
Salesmen and training
IT Hardware

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Headline Examples in Newsletter Number 2

Note: Magnetic Web Content is not taking on new members at the moment.

Handbag headlines 16
Nightclub headlines 4
Hotel headlines 9
Big Brother headlines 1
Food headlines 1
Cheap Flight headlines 3
Celebrity headlines 3
Fitness headlines 1
Mobile phone headlines 1
Money headlines 7
Glasses headlines ( as in wine glass) 5
Betting headlines 1
Wine headlines 21

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Headline Examples Covered in the First Newsletter

Note: Magnetic Web Content is not taking on new members at the moment.

The first Headline idea newsletter has been sent out, containing:

  • Long distance running headlines
  • Slipper Headlines
  • Food and diet headlines
  • Property Headlines
  • Snoring headlines
  • Football headlines
  • Random headlines
  • Topical headlines

You will receive the full newsletter when you sign up. The new one will go out next Tuesday and the previous newsletters will be archived.

Excerpts from the current newsletter include:

“Why you are more likely to do cocaine if you go to Eaton”
Which I think would be a great article for someone to write. Is it true? Based on anecdotal evidence it would appear so and becomes important when you consider that the next British Government will probably be made up from a large number of ex pupils from the UKs’ top school.

I find the slipper section interesting asĀ  it’s a very narrow, mundane topic. But, you can have a lot of fun with it and create content that attract. For example:
“10 things you wouldn’t want to find in your slippers if you live in Australia.”
Do Aussies wear slippers, I don’t know. But it intrigues and pulls you in, wanting to know more.

Looking forward to creating the next newsletter.