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Newsletter No.1

Welcome to Magnetic Web Content’s first newsletter. A service designed to give you headline and content ideas straight from my desk.

The headline ideas I will be sharing in my newsletter are aimed at a specific niches, sometimes a very narrow niche. They are intended to attract and cause the reader to read on. But they also set the tone and make a promise to the reader. Hopefully content will deliver on the promise.

One way to learn how to write effective headlines is to digest as many examples as you can and tinker with them. Headline ideas for one niche can sometimes be transposed to another niche. By doing this you will help learn and understand what works and why.

Not everyone is after the same thing. Some of these headlines will be irrelevant to you and your niche, but even if that is the case it may spark an idea and send you in the right direction.

You can can suggest niches for me to generate some headlines, go to the public blog or the members only forum.

Make sure you introduce yourself on the forum, you may make interesting contacts. Every member has the same goal….. to create killer headlines.

I will be adding extra reports and tutorials over the coming weeks, these will be the things I don’t talk about on the public blog.

Headline Ideas

Long Distance Running Headlines:

20 Endurance races of the world.
How much fat can you burn in a one mile run?
How to avoid runners nipple.
What to eat before a marathon.
Why running is so much better than the gym.
Do runners have more sex?
A look at a fashion victim runner.
7 Best stretches before a run.
Ultimate guide to long distance running.
10 negative issues about cross country running.
Is there a running gene, all my family can run?
What you must never do the day after a marathon.
Drinking before a run, how much is too much?
10 fit celebrity runners.
Why spending $300 on running shoes will save you money.
How a treadmill can injure you.
How to develop the running mind set.
10 best road routes in the world.
What marathon time is a good time?
Why people who do not run don’t get it!
How to survive being a long distance runners’ widow.


Historical figures who would have benefited from wearing slippers.
Liquids you do not want to find in your slippers.
Why running the marathon in slippers is not advisable
Slippers are the new black.
The newsreader who wore slippers under the news desk.
“Slipper Gate”, how soon before it happens.
10 things you wouldn’t want to find in your slippers if you live in Australia.

Food and diet:

Columbian farmers turning from drugs to farming ants.
10 of the weirdest foods to eat.
Why chocolate is a great substitute to Viagra.
Why evolution likes us fat.
The great thing about saturated fat.
Is it possible to lose weight and only eat at MacDonalds?
How porridge can help you live longer?
Can fat make you fit.
How fish can make you fit.
Are there foods out there to stop baldness?


How to spot a bad removal company.
How to keep working from home, whilst moving house.
How to deal with a nudist neighbour.
Why moving house is such a stressful time.
Is it possible to get addicted to moving house?
Can an Estate Agent be too cheap?
What can you tell about people from the colour they paint their house?
10 Power tips when negotiating to sell property.
10 things you wouldn’t expect to lower the price of a house.
Is it illegal to sell a house that’s possessed?


How debt firms can screw you over.
History of loan sharks.
Why pawn brokers are cheaper than a bank overdraft.
10 Celebrities who have gone bankrupt.
Why banks give credit cards to the unemployed.
7 things you can do right now to decrease your debt.


How snoring has ruined my sex life.
I like to record my snoring and play it back to scare cat off my runner beans.
10 things you should never do if you snore.
10 insane ways people have tried to stop snoring.

Football (soccer):

Why Football was really invented by the Germans/French/Americans

(delete where applicable).
Why you should never call football “soccer”.
Why some people call football “soccer”.
10 footballers not worth the money they earn.
10 best own goals.
What do goalies think about when not on the ball.
Was Brian Clough the best England manager we never had?
Why football is the Worlds’ Sport?
Why a rugby player can never play football.

Random ideas:

10 Weird things sold on ebay.
Why cars should be illegal and we all should use trains.
Why do the English drink so much tea?
Celebrities who will never have sex with each other.
10 Hardest countries to get drunk in.
Heaviest wrist watches of the world.
Psychological reasons men find fishnet stockings exciting.
Can an MP claim SEO on expenses?
Why you are more likely to do cocaine if you go to Eaton?

Topical headlines:

10 mistakes Obama has made so far.
Why Susan Boyle should not stand as a Member of Parliament.
Why North Korea should export beer and call it, “The Bomb”.
10 Reasons Susan Boyle would fail at a job interview.

Using these headlines.

Feel free to use these headlines in your blog posts and websites, I am giving permission for you to republish, but only as headlines. I will take
action if any of the contents of this newsletter is used in any other way.

If you want to republish parts as an example of what I do, get in touch and I am sure we can work something out.

How to use these headlines.

Headlines are a funny thing. When you need them they are never there, but walking down the streets eating fish and chips – and they come in waves.

If you were my apprentice I would make you write the top 1,000 headlines ever published, because knowledge must be allowed to seep down into the
sub-conscious. Eventually, good headline writing simply becomes instinctual, as discussed in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink”.

If you are lazy, and I know I am, you can simply take a headline, send it to your writers and ask for one thousand words. If the niche you need is not
listed, the headlines here may trigger an idea for one that can be used in your niche.

Obviously you can request a niche on the blog or forum.

Copyright Lyndon Antcliff 2009.
Permission is giving to republish the headlines as headlines for online
articles. Any republishing of the headlines as part of online body content will be viewed as breach of copyright. Any republishing of this newsletter will be seen as breach of Copyright, except as a headline for online articles.
The headlines presented can be copied in full only if used as a headline.
Sub-headlines and lists are not allowed



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