August 30, 2014

Writers Wanted

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Advertise your writing service for free to publishers who are members of Magnetic Web Content.

My members are desperate for writers. They are constantly asking me to introduce them to great writers. So I thought, why not put the two groups together at no extra cost to anyone.

Are you a great writer? If so, you are desperately needed.

You can communicate direct with the publishers through the forum. Simply sign up here and write a forum post to advertise yourself to publishers.

This service is absolutely free to writers and you can sign up right now.

Post a notice on the forum and include information to help the publisher hire you, such as:

  • Experience
  • Writing Sample
  • urls of work done
  • Pricing
  • Website or blog link
  • Availability

Be prepared to enter into long term or short term contracts, if you are good you will be snapped up. My members are all successful online publishers who are in constant need of good writers.

The information you enter will only be viewable by paying members of Magnetic Web Content. No other writer will see your advert/notice/details.

As a writer you will not be able to see any other writers post.

Publishers will be able to post in your forum threads to ask questions.

You can create any number of threads, and receive messages through the private mail system. This allows you to build relationships and trust with a prospective publisher.

It is up to you to set your pricing and how to market yourself. Although I may post a few helpful pointers.

If you need writers you will be able to view their posts in the forum by signing up to the Headline Newsletter for only $50 a month. Sign up here and hopefully get to hire some great writers/

Ask questions in the comments.

Note: Please do not advertise services or drop links in the comments as they will be deleted.

Instead you get direct access to our publisher members.  This allows you to market to a select bunch of successful publishers who do not have the time to find good writers, but are very happy to connect in a moderated environment.

I take no responsibility for any work or contract taken out through the Forum. Please seek legal advice before signing any contract. Make sure the person you are dealing with is who they say they are. It is up to you to perform due dilligence.

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Headlines for Article Writing

Note: Magnetic Web Content is not taking on new members at the moment.

Here are some ideas for headlines regarding article writing. These should be very useful if you write about writing. You can use them as they are or they may be a useful resource to spark more ideas.

  • Ways to market web content
  • How to write an article for the web
  • How to write an online article
  • Tips to write online
  • How to write online
  • Writing for online
  • Where to find article ideas
  • What is an article?
  • The power of words
  • Huge choice of articles to write
  • Finding success as an article writer
  • Why writing is the perfect career
  • Writing career takes so little to start
  • Why the homeless should take up article writing
  • What should I write with? (answer is whatever works)
  • 27 Ways to create the perfect article
  • Why the first paragraph is crucial
  • What’s so important about paragraphs?
  • Does grammar and spelling really matter?
  • How creating a story can make you article special
  • Why creating an image in the readers mind is crucial
  • The importance of editing
  • Finished your article? Now cut away a third.
  • How much money can an article writer make
  • Why you should never marry a writer
  • How long does it take to become a great writer?
  • Has the Internet ruined writing?
  • Reasons you shouldn’t be a writer
  • Benefits of writing in long had
  • Why bullet points work in online articles
  • 8 styles of article writing
  • How to write for magazines
  • 15 Reasons a writer should have a blog
  • Why marketing your websites by using articles is perfect
  • 23 common grammar mistakes
  • 21 reasons not be an article writer
  • What an online article writer should know about seo
  • How to optimise an article for search engines
  • Where can I market my article?

Permission for the usage of these headlines as headlines in your own articles is granted. A link back would be appreciated.