5 Things Your Ecommerce Marketing Agency Should Give Their Attention on Other Than Just Boosting Sales

Phone Call Conversion.  Once you’ve got a sale, you become interested to check where they have learned about you, where did they click in the first place.  You would want to know so you give more time developing those sources.  Tracing your phone call conversion if it’s from a paid add or from an organic listing is worth doing.  Customers on call are usually the ones rushing to buy and if you were there to assist them at the right moment, then you might get the sales you needed.

Negative Comments. You cannot eliminate bad reviews.  Everybody has something to say especially for disgruntled former employees. Good thing, it’s not impossible to remove those in front of your target customers.  It’s true that creating revenue is the goal for marketing.  However, your reputation would play a vital role too.  Who would want to buy from a company bombarded by bad comments? Your ecommerce marketing agency should keep an eye from these not-so-good sentiments so that search engine results would always be favorable on you. This catapultrevenue is great source of ecommerce marketing agency.

User-friendly website.  Yes, you may be focusing on adding traffic to your site.  But if you have a lot of call-to action buttons, you might just be shooing your potential customers away.  Make sure you have assessed your page and remove unnecessary clickables from it.

Stages of Buying Cycle.  Capturing your potential customers’ needs from the moment they have conceive it is something worth paying attention.  Say they are interested in buying a specific mobile phone unit, they started searching for reviews, then comparison between brands, etc.  If your site is placed on search engine results for various terms other than the specific brand you’re focused on, then you have a better chance of getting your traffic.

Analytics.  Measure, measure, measure.  How many leads flow into the pipeline, how many were converted into sales, were we able to attend to every lead, etc.  Those were just examples of the numbers that you would want to see from your chosen ecommerce marketing agency.  But then again, analytics are just another part of the equation.  Your action items on those numbers would be another relevant part for your business.