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When To Give Lockets: Occasions That You Should Look Forward To Giving Locket Necklaces As Presents

There are tons of occasions to give locket necklaces as presents. If you happen to be planning on giving locket necklaces to someone, you can always give them on some of the occasions down below.


One of the most popular occasions to give your loved one a heart necklace locket is on his/her birthday. Giving a locket necklace as a present has its own perks. They are very durable and can even last longer if they are well taken care of.  Aside from that, they can add some of their own finishing touches to make it much closer to their heart.

Mournful moments

Aside from the happy occasions, heart locket necklaces can also be given as a cheer-up present for people who are mourning. That way, they can always place those who are dear to them close to their heart. It is helping them mourn and remember their special loved ones, and assure them that they will always be close to their hearts.


Anniversaries are also a perfect example of the locket necklace giving occasion. Aside from showing their love for their significant other, they can also do something fun out of it. some couples have even added some surprises beneath the small interior of the locket.

Wedding Gifts

Locket necklaces are always the best present for weddings. Mainly because of the symbolization it brings to the couple. It symbolizes their love and the start of a new chapter in their life. Wedding lockets are often given to the couple’s children as an heirloom and also leaves a story on how their love started and withstand all the challenges throughout the years.


Locket necklaces are also perfect presents for friendship anniversaries. It may sound very sappy and cringy but girls love to match with their best friends. One of the best ways to match with them is a pair of locket necklaces that completes the other half.  This signifies, that no matter what happens they will always have each other back. If you want to get more details about chvker jewelry, you may visit on chvker.com.

These are just some of the occasions when you can give a locket necklace to someone dear to you. However, you don’t really need to have an occasion to give one. You can always give them one, just because you want to. That way, your appreciation for them stands out, even without the occasion.